As far as 2D action-platformers go, the Castlevania series has always been the high bar for games to measure against, at least when it comes to the Gothic-themed entries. Shorebound Studios is the latest to take a run at the subgenre with Viktor, and if their trailer is any indication, it's could measure up quite nicely.

The action in Viktor appears to be a bit faster paced than most Gothic sidescrollers, which could help set it apart. There seems to be an emphasis on multi-directional gunplay as opposed to melee-based attacks, so don't expect to whip enemies to death. Said foes come in a variety of sizes, from normal human to oversized spider.

One of the most promising elements so far is Viktor's supernatural skill set. Moving through walls and avoiding attacks as a cloud of smoke seems like a lot of fun and could expand combat in some meaningful ways if implemented cleverly. It's unknown if there are more, but we'll likely find out while playing the game when it releases through Steam for Windows this June for $10.