YNB_PROFILE_HEADER_LARGE.pngBrian Cullen's You Are Not A Banana is a strange little game. It starts the player out with a simple goal: the main character is hungry and needs to go buy milk from the store so he can eat his cereal. A journey that should be simple takes a few surprising turns for the surreal, though, and may make you laugh out loud with its goofiness.

I don't want to say too much because experiencing the game's surprises and strangenesses for yourself is one of the game's strengths. I will say that as I neared the end of the game I found myself wondering if the game was supposed to be art or a comment about art or all or none of the above.

You Are Not A Banana is short; I didn't time it, but I think it only took me about half an hour to complete, tops. It only costs $2.99, though, and that includes MP3s of the full soundtrack. You can get it on Desura for Windows or Mac or vote for it on Greenlight.

[You Are Not A Banana]