The Accessibility Jam, a three-week jam in which developers were encouraged to experiment with making games to accommodate people who have vision, hearing, motor control, and/or cognitive problems, closed on June 1st. Nineteen games were entered, and can be accessed from the jam's page on GameJolt. Here is some information on a couple of the entries, but you should check them all out.



This game is a Starfox-style third-person shooter which was designed to be controlled via eye tracking. There are keyboard controls, too, for those without eye tracking devices. They also link to some software designed to turn a regular web cam into an eye tracking device. There's a Unity Web Player version as well as downloadables for Windows and Mac.



Arpeggio is a game designed for the blind. The player can choose which keyboard keys to use, establishing them at the beginning of each stage. Each key corresponds to one of several notes played in sequence, and as the notes play over and over again they change sometimes. Push the key for a changed note and it goes back to normal; get it wrong too many times and it's game over. If I had to put this one in a genre box, I'd call it an arcade game. Multiple notes can be wrong at the same time on later levels, making it harder to keep track of how it's supposed to sound.

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