landslor.pngA homage to classic RPGs by Westwood and SSI, Lands of Lorez is Photon Storm's submission for devi ever's month-long Low Rez Game Jam. You play as a former knight who had retired to a life of farming, but fate somehow forces him to pick up his sword again for an adventure inside a dungeon full of dangerous monsters.

All interactions can be carried out using the cursor keys, and there are no inventory slots or equipment to manage during your quest. If the hero is wounded then walking over potions will restore his health immediately, while keys are stowed away and only utilized when you run into a locked door. Encounters are resolved via a small mini-game - you have to press the attack button when a moving arrow points at the red area of a gauge, else you'll swing wildly and miss your chance to hurt the opponent.

Lands of Lorez is available to play now at Game Jolt.