noseruda2a.pngA sequel to the physics-based web game NOSERUDAKE, NOSERUDAKE2 is a Unity project that tasks players with placing a certain number of objects on a pedestal over nineteen stages. You can only throw items from a distance, then hope that they land nicely on the flat platform and not slip off the edge.

Unlike its predecessor, the pedestal now can be rotated freely by holding down the right mouse button and dragging the environment around. You throw items by left-clicking on the screen, and the number of items that has to be on the platform to pass the level is displayed on the upper-right corner of the window. Players start out with simple square blocks to discard of, but it gets tricky when things like rubbish bags, barrels, and even a rowboat are added to the list of items that have to be placed on the structure.

NOSERUDAKE2 is available to play at this link.