Slothwerks' Tales of the Adventure Company is a roguelike for mobile which replaces movement-based dungeon exploration with a Minesweeper-ish sort of puzzle exploration. Each level of a dungeon has two types of monsters and one type of hero in it, all of which can be revealed by tapping on squares within the level. Each type of monster or hero can be found on multiple dungeon squares in pre-determined patterns, knowledge that the player can use to their advantage.

Each dungeon has a set number of levels and an end boss whose defeat is the player's goal. The player starts a dungeon with two out of a maximum of four party members (at least until they unlock the ability to start with more) and is faced with a 5x5 grid of dungeon squares whose contents are unknown. Tapping a square reveals what, if anything, is there and uses one of the player's limited number of turns. Tapping a revealed monster starts a battle with it.

When a monster or hero is revealed, the player can look to the top of the screen to find out what pattern that monster/hero shows up in and use that as a clue to know where the others of its kind are likely to be. This is important for several reasons. Revealing all instances of a given hero in the level, for example, allows you to add that hero to your party, taking up an empty slot or replacing an existing party member. Many monsters have special abilities, which can include damaging the party leader upon being revealed or buffing other monsters if seen but left undefeated. Above all, the limited number of turns looms over the player's head, quietly ticking down in the corner, and the only way to get to the next level of the dungeon is to defeat the monster that holds the key to unlock it.

Tales of the Adventure Company was created for the 7DRL game jam in March of this year. The mobile version has been rebalanced and had some things added to it. It's available for all major mobile platforms for $1.99. There is also a free browser version using the Unity web player.