One day, a girl was on her way to school and found herself transported to another world. She was asked to save that world, which needed a hero because the sun was going to go dark in a week if nothing was done about it. And so begins The Twin Tale of Sun and Sword, a Japanese browser game which is basically all about gearing up for battle.

The player's options are limited to equipping gear to the heroine, selling unwanted gear or synthesizing it into new gear, and choosing a dungeon for the heroine to take on. Choosing a dungeon also entails choosing how deep into the dungeon to go. Every floor takes an hour of your precious week before the sun goes dark, and if the heroine gets knocked out, extra time is lost while she recovers. She'll go through the dungeons very quickly on her own, kicking monster butt and taking treasure. The player needs to watch her health and the health of her enemies to gauge whether or not she's ready to take on harder dungeons.

It's entirely in Japanese with no English, but since the goal is to improve gear to improve stats, players can pretty much play without being able to read what the stats are. If the stat numbers are blue when looking at new equipment, they're going up; red, they go down. Core stats like HP, attack, and defense are at the top, while less important stats such as elemental offense and defense are at the bottom. I've prepared some annotated screenshots to make it easier to get into the game without speaking any Japanese, though.

The game itself is up on Mogera and was created by a user who goes by SC2GG.



The following screenshot was provided by reader Leonardo Millan. It corrects mistakes and fills in holes from my translation as well as using more standard terminology for things like vitality. Thanks, Leonardo!




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