Oddly Shaped Pixels belies its name with the normal shaped pixels in its LowRezJam entry Guns, Beats n' Dragons. Talk of pixels aside, though, the developer has done a great job of creating a game with the violent yet contained mayhem of games like Super Smash TV using a low-fidelity resolution.

There's a little bit of story at the beginning while the game is teaching you the controls. After that, though, you take your arrows into the dungeon and make for the dragon at the other end. Along the way you might pick up new, temporary weapons (including a machine gun), but for the most part you just doge and shoot until you've cleared your current room and can move on.

Different types of enemies are easily distinguished in spite of the low-fidelity graphics. Even when you learn the attack and movement patterns of the different enemies, though, sheer numbers and a limited number of possible trajectories for your own bullets resulting from the low resolution of the gameplay prevent the game from being too easy.

[Guns, Beats n' Dragons]