catlateral_61914.gifWhether you prefer cats or dogs, you have to admit that it would probably be a lot of fun to actually be one of them for a little bit. Sure, being a dog affords you an awesome nose and a loud bark, but being a cat seems to be a bit more exciting. Jumping up on shelves, seeing what's there, knocking it down... it sounds so fun, in fact, that Catlateral Damage is going to give players the chance to do exactly that.

Seriously, leaping up onto a bookshelf and spilling its contents onto the floor is so much fun, it's no wonder that cats like to knock things down. You can send a TV crashing to the ground, video games, CDs... whatever is there, you just swipe your little paws and send stuff flying. Doing so will net you points, should you actually be trying to complete a level. The level of absurdity and the rudimentary-yet-crisp graphics give it a Katamari Damacy feel, which is welcome in an era dominated by military shooters.

You can check out the web Unity based demo for yourself. It's also on Kickstarter now for $12, and is planned for release through Steam on Windows, Mac and Linux, and on Ouya in November.