SORS.pngPlaying doctor with a mouse does sound pretty unsettling and not very pretty at all, unless of course you fondly remember that ancient MS-DOS surgery sim that was Life & Death. Or, are willing to give the S.O.R.S. web demo a try and possibly discover that quasi-realistic, sci-fi doctoring can be rather amusing.

S.O.R.S., Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy, besides sounding like a plausible thing, is also a game-to-be that tries to base itself on certain basic medical realities and some unique if not intriguing mechanics. Interestingly, the added sci-fi touch and those promises of mystery will make it more, uhm, intriguing to most I suppose.

S.O.R.S. is being developed by Science: Gamed and is asking for your input and ideas over here.