unrestdemo.pngUnrest, Unrest's Demo to be precise, is unique. Not that I'm complaining about the diversity in setting indie RPGs have to offer, but one has to admit that adventuring through ancient India really does feel novel. Even more so when the narrative involves ethical and societal dilemmas, rebellion, a complex reputation system and struggling with taboos.

The demo (Windows, Mac, Linux) focuses on five playable characters that are poor everyday people -- you know, the kind that usually gets ignored in games of such scope -- and though it will only last you for less than an hour it will give you a very good idea of what the finished game will be all about. A RPG with strong adventure influences and an excellent conversation system, that adapts to your style of play and lets you either fight or talk your way to food, peace and safety.

Unrest will become available for download on the 23rd of July and you can pre-order it via the developer's site.