I frankly can't imagine anything worse than accidentally killing your own child, and that's why I sincerely hope Simon Karlsson manages to touch on this incredibly sad and depressing subject with the appropriate delicacy, respect and thoughtfulness. Thankfully and from what little I have seen, besides looking unique and visually stunning with its paper-crafted graphics, A Song for Viggo also seems to be taking things seriously

The game deals not only with the severe depression following such a traumatic event, but also with the coping mechanisms we develop. The horrors of living through each sad day with only a small glimpse of hope on the horizon. The new psychological obstacles and problems that keep on appearing. Love and duty.

Your first task, for example, will be arranging your son's funeral as your wife is too devastated to handle this and has focused on teaching herself the piano; the same piano that will provide Viggo's solemn music.

Despite being a point-and-click adventure the game demands a lot from you without attempting to entertain you with standard genre puzzles... "Your goal is to maintain everyday life, despite the tragic circumstances. Be there for your daughter. Put food on the table. Do the dishes. Keep your marriage together. The struggles are of a psychological, rather than mechanical, nature. There is only one puzzle. It's called life."

You can help fund A Song for Viggo on Kickstarter and also vote for it on Greenlight. The game will originally be a Windows release with plans for other versions depending on the achievement of stretch goals.