elysian.pngElysian Shadows is nothing less than ambitious. Not only is it aiming to launch itself on every platform under the sun (including the venerable Sega Dreamcast), but it's also trying to re-invent the 16-bit RPG by fusing traditional elements of the 2D genre with contemporary mechanics, physics, dynamic lighting and 3D music.

Said promised technical enhancements will be the result of the new engine and tools the team behind the game has been developing, namely ESGamma, libGyro and ESToolkit (more here); tools that are solely dedicated to the production of modern 2D RPGs. Then again, as engines are never enough when it comes to great gaming experiences, Elysian Shadows is also promising an intriguing plot about the conflict between technology and magic, a multilayered world, fluid combat and a rich assortment of NPCs.

The game is still under development and, though no official release date has been announced, it will attempt to crowdfund itself via Kickstarter later this summer.