"Ashworld - a world of sun parched lands where warlords fight for dominance and kingdoms rise and fall in epic battles. A world of wizards pursuing paths of magic powers and fearsome creatures roaming through desolated places."

Legions of Ahsworld - the best tribute to Lords of Midnight since Lords of Midnight.

If you actually fondly remember Lords of Midnight, the classic 8-bit fantasy wargame, you can rest assured you'll appreciate what developers Jugilus did with Legions of Ashworld.

They crafted a new, intriguing setting, populated it with cities, characters and all sorts of places, updated the classic interface, brought the core of the gameplay up to modern standards, provided with more options, opened their game up to modders, created a stunning day to night transition and added crisp hand-drawn graphics. So, yes, chances are you'll love it and should grab it for your Windows PC or Mac.

In case you never heard of Lords of Midnight before, well, it's a fantasy wargame just like I mentioned above. Only, it's a rather unique one as it's played out in first person, isn't afraid to tread into RPG territory, relies heavily on using its map and its turn-based mechanics are more fluid than anything one usually expects. Same things goes for Legions of Ashworld; just with the added bells and whistles of the 21st century.

Also, here's Legions of Ashworld on Greenlight.