You Were Made For Loneliness is a rather long Twine game by a group of writers called Tsukareta that is all about relationships and the nature of love. It's not for everyone; it comes with trigger warnings for suicide, depression, and psychological abuse. But for those who don't mind some disturbing things in their Twine games, You Were Made For Loneliness offers food for thought.

At first, it seems a bit disjointed. Certain keywords throughout the text link to seemingly unrelated side stories before taking the player back to the main storyline. As the story advances, though, things start to make more sense and the player can see how the side stories fit into the main plotline. To go into detail about what makes the game interesting would be to ruin it, in some respects. If you want to try it, you can play it online or download it for free, though Tsukareta is open to donations.

[You Were Made For Lonliness]