arcadeac.pngThe premise of Romeo Mazzei's Arcade Ace is that there's a new arcade in town, but your wallet is empty and you can't try out any of the new games which just arrived. Not wanting to give up so easily, you decide to carry out tasks for strangers around the city and earn the cash you need for the coin-operated machines.

Included in Arcade Ace are more than a dozen mini-games spread over five distinct locations. A couple of them are decent recreations of classics like Frogger and Bomberman, though it's peculiar that you're only allowed to attempt many of the challenges just once. The game also doesn't save your progress, so if you quit playing at any time you will lose all of the coins you've collected during your journey across town.

If neither of these issues bothers you at all, then you can find the download link for Arcade Ace over at Game Jolt.