grimexp2a.pngCreated in under 48 hours for the YYA-Jam held in Kajaani a fortnight ago, Grim Express is a short first-person adventure game about solving a murder in a moving train. The story begins with a fellow passenger getting stabbed in the heart, and since you're the only Sherlock wannabe onboard it's up to you to gather clues and question the suspects until you can figure out the identity of the culprit.

Players will have to search the train for hints that could reveal the order of the events which occured before the murder was committed. Any clues found are automatically added to your notebook, so that you may use it later to start conversations with any of the suspects on board the train. Once you've determined who the killer could be, you'll have to approach the inspector and tell him your thoughts before the real answer is revealed in the end-game case summary screen.

Grim Express is available to download from this link.