SubRay is an underwater exploration game which took a group of DigiPen students a little over twelve months to develop as their sophomore project. You play as the pilot of a technologically-advanced spacecraft drifting purposely through space, when suddenly an asteroid collides with your ship and causes it spin out of control towards an alien planet. Fortunately the ship (and all of its broken parts) lands in a body of water, so you must venture forth into a mysterious underground cavern to retrieve all of the pieces and restore your spacecraft's functionalities.

It is recommended that you play SubRay using a gamepad, but mouse and keyboard controls are supported as well. The game features ample checkpoints which can be used to save your progress, though the entire adventure shouldn't take longer than half an hour to complete. SubRay was also this year's winning entry in DigiPen's Game of the Year award category, along with getting the most votes from the DigiPen community for having the best design and audio among all the other submissions.

SubRay is available to download now (together with other student projects) from DigiPen's own game gallery landing page.