WeirdCityInterloper.pngWeird City Interloper by C.E.J. Pacian is an interactive tale of conspiracy. An excellent interactive tale of conspiracy to be precise and, if I am to speak the truth, one of the best written and most engrossing pieces of interactive fiction I have ever encountered. A text adventure nobody should miss.

Taking place in the magical and magically oppressed city of Zendon, Weird City Interloper uses its wisely selected words to craft an amazing and actually unique setting. From sentient buildings and floating gardens to destitute slums and mysterious factories this is a world every sane person will revel in exploring; also in talking to the numerous, eclectic and masterfully realized characters (be they former gods or Archnecrobishops) in an attempt to gather information and maybe even learn a mystical language or two.

Interestingly, and as is usually the case with all of Pacian's offerings, Weird City Interloper is both incredibly easy to play (and hence i-f beginners friendly) and innovative. This time, you see, we are talking about a strictly dialog driven game that has rats delivering you hints and never asks you to guess a word.

Weird City Interloper can be played in the relative comfort of your browser by following this link. To download the story file simply visit [Text] Games for [Space] Crows, but keep in mind you'll be needing an interactive-fiction interpreter. Gargoyle (Win, Mac, Linux) is the one I'm using.