Best read in the movie trailer voice: They brought you the Bit.Trip series and lilt line as Gaijin Games, but now, they've changed their name... to Choice Provisions. Alright, maybe the rebranding isn't that dramatic, but with the name change comes new games as well.

Here's the quick rundown on why the name was changed and what it means: Gaijin is a word with negative connotation, so the company wanted to distance themselves from that. Every future game outside of the Bit.Trip line will be published under the new name. The previously published games will keep the old brand as well. Additionally, Robotube will be rebranded as Minivisions, which will be the developer name on Whoa Dave! and Destructamundo.

Now that you're clear on that, I can tell you about the two new games revealed. Laserlife is the first, which Choice Provisions said will be "a metaphysical journey of euphoric lights and euphoric sounds". Players will search space for the memories of a fallen astronaut by guiding lasers to the beat of the soundtrack. The game is planned for release on Steam.

The second is Tharsis, which somehow sounds a bit more abstract. From what I can gather, it's set on Mars, your habitat is malfunctioning, and you somehow use six-sided dice to deal with the problems that occur, like fire, low food and a depleting air supply. Tharsis is planned for release on Steam and iOS.