It always seemed strange to me that the brawler and fighting genres don't meet in the middle more often. Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinare is a gorgeously-animated upcoming project that brings these types of games together, while adding in some life-simulation elements as well.

Developer Pierre-Sylvain, or Pehesse, is a talented artist from France. This should be immediately apparent after looking at both the work he's done so far on Honey Rose, and things he's done in the past.

"I am quite fond of 2D beat'em all and 2D fighting games," Pehesse told me, "especially aesthetically speaking, most notably with the recent Skullgirls. I wanted to develop a game derived from those genres with as elaborate as I could 2D animation."

The fighting will feel like a brawler -- Streets of Rage was a series directly cited as inspiration -- while the focus on one-on-one fights are meant to feel like Street Fighter. This is being done in an attempt to pay homage to the games Pehesse has loved in the past, but still create something unique as well.

"One of the still ongoing questions is 'What happens with the beat'em all genre now'," Pehesse continued. "As it stands and using the same ruleset as before, you risk simply making clones of the older greats, while the more recent incarnations have been heavily mixing mechanics from other games (generally RPG's and number building) but in the process have lost some of the raw mechanical feeling where you play the 'rules', not so much as play the 'game', a distinction I tend to make about being focused more on the feeling of the game rather than the mechanical underlyings of it (not saying one is objectively better than the other, mind you)."

Another way he is planning to set Honey Rose apart from the crowd is by including life simulation elements. You'll be able to decide how the character spends her day. Is training more important? How about your studies, or maintaining friendships? These will translate into a rock-paper-scissors kind of balancing act, where you'll need to keep up your grades, improve your fighting, and keep your secret identity hidden from your peers. Sometimes random battles will occur during these segments as well.

Peheese is staying away from Kickstarter, and is instead utilizing Patreon to help fund the project instead. Honey Rose is currently targeting an early 2015 release. You can check out more about the game on its Tumblr page.