E3 is the biggest gaming convention of the year, but it typically focuses on the AAA gaming arena. Over the last week or so, members and advocates of the indie community have been putting together an online streaming event called indiE3 which just started and will continue for the rest of the week. Anyone with any level of experience is invited to submit their games for showing and/or themselves as panel members and there will be an indiE3 game jam hosted by GameJolt from the 10th-14th.

There isn't actually a full list of events at this time because the organizers are still organizing. Indie Game Magazine seems to have the most comprehensive schedule listing at the moment, but in general things start daily at 6:00 PM EST and go on until late that day.

Today, with Warp Door's help, they're showing off as many games as they can get trailers streaming for, but panels start tomorrow. Panels will cover an array of topics, with panels so far announced including Writing About Experimental Games, Showing Your Games Early and Often, and Let's Plays and Independent Video Games.

indE3 has two streaming channels which can be found on hitbox. There is also an indE3 Twitter account and an #indiE3 hashtag. The last-minute nature of the event makes the Twitter hashtag seem to be the best way to keep up with what's going on, but there is also an indiE3 tumblr. The indiE3 Jam page is up on GameJolt.