Nightmod.pngEver wanted to live-tweak your game and keep an eye on your code while it's running? Good. You should then have a look at the freeware Nightmod game creation tool for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Though not hard to understand and use, Nightmod is aimed at beginner and intermediate programmers, meaning it's more demanding than the average point-and-click game creation system, but also way more flexible. It also is a fine way to really get into game programming as it does come with a step-by-step tutorial and a selection of game templates that allow for the rapid development of anything from isometric RPGs to platformers.

And if you need to know how Nightmode works, well, here's what its dev has to say:

"Nightmod is a marriage between Nightcode, a Clojure IDE, and play-clj, a Clojure game library based on LibGDX. Think of it as a Clojure game IDE. With that focus, it eliminates a lot of complexities compared to a normal IDE."

You can support the development of Nightmod via Gittip and Bitcoin or by grabbing the Mac version at the App Store. It can also be voted for on Greenlight.