I obviously cannot tell whether Tormentum - Dark Sorrow will be a good adventure game or not, but I do know this: it will look absolutely stunning. Disturbingly so too, as it has been inspired by the late, great H.R. Giger, 20th century Polish master of the absurd Zdzislaw Beksinski and, possibly, by the excellently dark adventure I Have No Mouth And I Must scream.

It would of course be fair to say that inspiration by itself alone can only prove that indie studio Oh Noo! have a great sense of taste and, well, they do. They really do. What really matters though is that the art and animation they have so far shown the world are simply gorgeous and, as an added bonus, seem to be accompanied by some great music and an interesting plot.

The fact that Tormentum will be an adventure-styled game is another plus (in my book, at least) and I do care for the promised variety in settings --three distinct regions with different feel and architecture, apparently-- moral choices, many puzzles and demented attention to detail. So, yes, I'd definitely want to see this one funded.

The game will be available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android and there are more than a few cool perks to purchase. A very modest $9 will get you a Mac/Win digital copy upon release.