Eric Hornby of Pelagic Games has come up with a project he calls IndieQuilt. It's to be a WarioWare-esque game with all proceeds going to Child's Play. Developers of all stripes are invited to contribute minigames to be used for it, and to kick things off he's started an IndieQuilt Game Jam on GameJolt. Hornby will be "stitching" the games together later.

The game jam runs until August 17th. Games to be submitted must be playable in under 30 seconds and meet a few other requirements such as ending in a win or a loss. To be eligible to go into the IndieQuilt itself, games must also meet a few extra requirments such as being family safe and having multiple levels of difficulty.

Developers are welcome to contribute minigames which are related to or taken from their other works, so long as they legally have the rights to use the assets involved. Several musicians have also offered to compose 30-second tracks upon request.

Hornby will be stitching the IndieQuilt together in Unity, and although he's investigating the possibility of being able to include non-Unity games in the quilt, it may not be possible. For more information, Eric Hornby can be contacted via email or Twitter.