In Doug Dug you take on the role of a dwarven miner who loves to dig for treasure, so much so that he'd be willing to brave the dangers of cave-ins and face the deadly monsters residing underground. Because Doug is returned to the surface to start all over again whenever he dies, the procedural-generated levels do help in providing a slightly different mining excursion each time you play.

Any minerals that you find increases your cash reserves and score (they're one and the same), but you'll also need to use the money to open crates that might contain special items. There's only room in your inventory for one special item at any time, so you'll have to decide if you want to activate them immediately or save for later use.

The structural integrity of the caverns can be a flimsy thing, hence players would have to be wary of where they dig or risk being trapped under a massive cave-in. Through careful planning it's also possible to avoid direct confrontations with the monsters, simply by burying them under a ton of dirt.

Doug Dug is available to purchase now for $1.99 on the App Store.