Mazewood is the newest game from XBLIG-alum iamrece, though this game is nothing like Hypotenuse despite being inspired by an idea that didn't make it into that game. You'll find a peaceful puzzler here, set in a lush meadow ruled by a devious and acorn-hungry squirrel.

Mazewood is comprised of 65 levels. The objective in each one is to find one or more acorns by switching the directions of the paths in front of you. Tapping the screen rotates what direction the circle your standing in faces by 90 degrees, so moving a path that's facing down toward nothing all the way to the top of the circle and in line with another path will allow you to move on, for example.

Eventually the game starts to limit the amount of moves you can take, path shifts you can perform, and time you have to collect the acorns. There are also bears which you'll need to avoid, lest you become their food. You can pass them by collecting fish from a pond, but only once per fish, so be sure to tread lightly around the furry forest dwellers.

Mazewood is free on the App store for devices that have iOS 7.1 and up. There are microtransactions but the developer was quick to point out that the game can be finished without spending any money. Future updates adding levels that include new hazard animals like the bears or malfunctioning meadows are planned, as is an Android version and possibly a level editor as well.