Originally created over the period of a weekend at the Toronto Global Game Jam this year, Light Bound is a multiplayer arcade game that allows up to four people to do battle against each other inside a procedural-generated arena. You earn points by defeating the other players using a bunch of randomly-spawning weapons, and the first player to score three points is declared the winner.

An interesting feature implemented here is that parts of the arena not occupied by any player will be shrouded in complete darkness. When someone moves into a room or corridor, it lights up in the colour of the robot so that it's easy to tell one player from another. Each weapon can be used up to three times, and once you've run out of ammunition you'd have to pick up a new weapon from somewhere else in the arena.

The creators of Light Bound are asking for $9,600 CAD in Kickstarter funds to complete the project. A demo is also available to play online or download from the game information page, should you need some convincing before pledging any support for its development.