Sunset is a fascinating idea for a game. It's a war game, it's about a revolution in a fictional '70s South American metropolis and you never get to hold a gun. You get to be the maid instead. You get to be Angela Burns; Gabriel Ortega's housekeeper who is sucked into her mysterious employer's attempt at overthrowing hated dictator Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores.

Excellent selection of names that couldn't help but remind me of Angela Davis, Daniel Ortega and Franco aside, Sunset has more than a few unique aces up its sleeve, which, coming from Tale of Tales, isn't particularly surprising. Being cast in a role that would have been reserved for an extra in a heroic action movie, Angela has to explore the posh apartment she's been trapped in, develop her relationship with the absent Ortega and decide where she stands politically, while the player gets to taste a vintage yet incredibly contemporary kind of social unrest, violence, open revolt and a high-tech, eclectically decorated penthouse.

To help ensure Sunset actually happens you can fund it via Kickstarter and secure a copy of the game upon release for $15. Sunset will launch for Windows, Mac and Linux (also on Steam) in March 2015.