onetapq2d.pngshimage's One Tap Quest is a small role-playing game based on the idea of using just one mouse click to play an entire adventure. Coded using HTML5, players have to decide where to place their hero before he heads out in a straight vertical line to dispatch enemies and monsters, gain some combat experience, and eventually meeting the evil wizard for a final showdown.

An enemy is defeated in combat if the hero has a higher level count than his or her opponent (and vice versa). Swords and shields offer you some experience points, while drinking from a beer mug summons a pair of adventurers to join the party. Gathering the yellow scroll casts a magic missile spell that kills a few monsters, and the blue scroll instantly teleports you to a random location on the map. Note that to beat the sorcerer you'll need a hero that is at least at level nine or above.

One Tap Quest is available to play at this link.