Everyone who entered the Public Domain Jam gets something, since there were only 60 entrants and there were prizes for the top 100 participants. They've announced the winners of the big prizes though, with Paper Jekyll taking the $1,000 grand prize.

Paper Jekyll is a simple platformer. You play Dr. Jekyll on his way back to his lab after waking up with no memory of how he got where he is. The kicker is that when you face right, you are Dr. Jekyll, but as soon as you face left you turn into Mr. Hyde. Police officers will ignore Jekyll, but they attack Hyde; thugs, on the other hand, will attack Jekyll but are afraid of Hyde. Hyde can kill both thugs and police officers, though he has to come up on a police officer from behind. There's an extra audial layer to the game, too; when the player is Mr. Hyde, creepy atmospheric sound overlays the background music.

Other big winners include March of the Cards, Me and the Martians, The Yellow Wallpaper, and Oliver Twist. Complete results are available on the jam's web site.

[Public Domain Jam]