I took one look at Super Galaxy Squadron and knew I had to play it at least once. It was the high fidelity of the animated GIF inside this post that caught my eye, but reading the planned feature set was what pushed it from "must play" to "why can't I play this right now?".

There will be 14 playable ships in Super Galaxy Squadron. Each ship has its own special weapon, and there will be a bevy of ship-specific upgrades as well. There's the promise of several arcade-style levels, each with their own unique boss, as well as an endless mode that escalates in difficulty.

The forgiving health system and NES-inspired audio-visual elements are just icing on top of what looks to be a well-thought out SHMUP. The worst part is not knowing when Super Galaxy Squadron is going to be available, though it will be on Windows when it is.


[Check out Super Galaxy Squadron on IndieDB]