What do you do when a vaguely-prehistoric fantasy world tries to hold you down? If you're the main character in Tiny Barbarian DX, you push back, that's what! Now that Starquail released the second episode of their continuing pixelized saga, the story of the minuscule-marauder-that-could forges on.

At its core, Tiny Barbarian DX is an old school action-platformer just like your pappy used to play... or like you used to play, if you used to play games like this. It's not quite as hard as an NES game, but it's damn close. The trick, just like those 8-bit classics, is to learn the level layouts and enemy patterns and then play perfectly.

There's quite a bit of variety despite the relatively brevity of the episode. While you'll spend a good deal of your time leaping across chasms and climbing the edges of blown out walls, you'll have to fight apes, take down airships and even ride giant bees. There are a couple of boss fights that will test your mettle as well. I did occasionally curse the controls (specifically when it came to grabbing onto ledges) but it wouldn't feel like an authentic classic game without that.

Tiny Barbarian DX is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac for $6, which is 40 percent off the normal price of $10. The package includes both currently release episodes and all future episodes as well. There are only three days remaining on the deal, though, so act now before that price goes extinct.