A new studio called Friend & Foe has been formed from several former AAA developers and has revealed two games that are in the works. Based on what we can see about Vane and Dangerous Men, Friend & Foe is going to be a studio with some flexibility in terms of tone.

The Tokyo-based studio is comprised of folks who have worked on The Last Guardian, Battlefield, Bionic Commando and Killzone. One of their two revealed projects, Dangerous Men (pictured below), is an iOS-only (for now) action shooter with its roots in 80s buddy cop movies. You'll be attempting to clear the city from the accursed Punk Gang with your partner.


The second game is called Vane (pictured at the top of the article), is a PC-exclusive (also for now). It's being touted as an open-world adventure game that finds its mechanics rooted in mystery and exploration. Friend & Foe was very careful not to let anything too juicy out about the game just yet, but the animated GIFs at the website are spellbinding.

Both games are listed for release, to paraphrase, when they're done, so it might be some time before we have a target to anticipate.

[big ups to NeoGAF for the find]