The life of a space miner is cold and lonely. You spend days out in space at a time, away from everyone and everything you love. One of the only things that may keep you going is the knowledge that no matter how badly you feel out there, you can always return home once the mission is over. But what if when you got back you found that everything you ever knew was reduced to dust? That's how Temporus starts.

The game is a blend of platformer, shmup and RPG, so you'll experience sections on foot (like in the GIF above), while others will put you in the pilot's seat of a bullet-spewing spacecraft. The goal of the game is to travel back in time and make right whatever it is that went wrong while you were gone, preventing the total annihilation of your home world.

Temporus is up on Kickstarter now and is planned for Windows, Mac and Linux, though there are hopes and potential plans to bring the game to non-PC systems as well. A $10 pledge secures a copy of the game upon release, which is currently targeted for January 2015.