This week's Trailer Roundup features a multiplayer game designed to promote empathy, a crime drama interactive fiction, a Breakout-style game, a super-hard platformer that lets you use the corpses of others to advance, a rotating puzzle platformer, and a multiplayer game inspired by air hockey.


Fourth Floor Games created this one with the intent of building empathy into the game mechanics. It's a platformer in which the goal is to survive blocks falling from above for as long as possible. Only your partner can destroy the blocks coming to crush you, though, and only you can destroy the blocks coming to crush them. It looks like good communication is key to success in CASCATA. You can grab it as an Adobe Air application for $2 CAD on

The Detail

Finnish developer Rival Games has been working on a crime drama interactive fiction game with a graphic novel art style. They are trying to cross realistic crime dramas with player choice a la The Walking Dead, and the first of five episodes is coming out in Q3 of this year for PC, Mac, and Linux. If this interests you, you can vote for it on Greenlight.

Ionball 2: Ionstorm

This looks like a solid Breakout-style game which has 60 levels, including 3 boss levels, a levelling system, and global leaderboards. Iron Sun Studios seems to be aiming for an audience experienced with this kind of game. It's $6.99 for Windows on Steam.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection

The original Rude Bear Resurrection won first place for innovation in the Ludum Dare 28 Jam. It's a one-hit-death platformer in a persistent online environment, and you can use the corpses of fallen players to advance. Developer Alex Rose is now working on an improved commercial release for early 2015, which will definitely be coming to Windows and possibly also to Mac and Linux.

Twisty Planets

Released last Thursday for iOS, Twisty Planets looks like a puzzle platformer along the lines of English Country Tune or a single player Ilomilo. It's a $1.99 universal app.

Warp Ball

Nathan "Vethan" John created this fast-paced multiplayer game based on air hockey. Players can warp around the pitch to try to blast the ball into the opponent's goal. A recent build added online multiplayer, but the developer recommends playing it locally. You can grab it for $6 for Windows via Desura.