In this Trailer Roundup, we have a 3D action RPG with an interesting fight mechanic, a procedural permadeath brawler, a 2D point and click adventure set in space, a 2D puzzle platformer about gradually sacrificing one's humanity, a co-op horror game, and a cheeky puzzle game about setting the blame for your actions on others.

Anima Gate of Memories

If you pay attention while watching this trailer, you'll see the female protagonist turn into a male and then back again, all in the midst of battle. Anima Gate of Memories is an open world action RPG in development which allows you to take advantage of the two characters' strengths to string multi-character combos together in battle. Their already-funded Kickstarter has a few days left to go. It's definitely coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux with Xbox One and PS4 as options the developers want to explore.


Take on the role of a demigod invading a plane controlled by your rivals in this procedurally generated, sidescrolling brawler with permadeath. It was designed to be difficult, but it lets you do fun things like throw your enemies at each other. Its regular price is $9.99, but it's currently half off for the Steam Summer Sale.


In the words of the developer: "A 2D point and click adventure game in space! Eat some sandwiches and save the galaxy!" It looks like Bik will have a pretty thick plot. If the trailer is any indication, the soundtrack will do a great job of setting the mood. The game is due out on July 15th for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $7.99 with mobile devices following shortly thereafter at a lower price of $2.99. Consider voting for it on Greenlight.

For My Brother

This game will be a 2D puzzle platformer about a girl who is willing to go to any lengths to save her brother... including turning herself into a monster. She'll change over the course of the game, becoming more powerful at the cost of her humanity. It's currently on Kickstarter and the funding target is pretty steep at $150,000, but Crooked Tree Studios has already successfully released one crowdfunded game, Throw Trucks With Your Mind.

Horror Stories

For hundreds of years, people have shared horror stories, huddled around fires in the dark. Now you can share horror stories in this 3D online co-op survival horror game. It's available for free for Windows and Mac, having been made as a student project. It won grand prize in a university contest over nineteen other games.


Play a rogue who can easily steal treasure, but also needs to find a way to put the blame for the act on someone else. Every puzzle will have multiple solutions, but only one will really be the one you want. Incriminator is still in development and is only planned for Windows 7.