Today's trailer roundup features an RTS-FPS hybrid in which you can control any unit manually, a sandbox game with RPG-style character progression and built to be modded, an action game in which a ninja defends Earth from an alien invasion, a game that is like a cross between Minecraft and World of Tanks, a stealth game for Android where staying in shadow is the key to success, and a point and click adventure whose story is about a very sad subject.


An RTS-FPS hybrid. It looks to be a full-on RTS game which lets you take over any unit on the field you want. No release date has been announced, but according to the Greenlight page it's headed for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Crea looks a lot like Terraria, but it has an interesting list of current features including character and skill progression, monsters that multiply if left alone, and exploratory storytelling that will allow the player to stumble upon bits of the lore as they go. It's been built from the ground up for modding using Python, too, and they plan to implement Steam Workshop support now that the game is available via Early Access. The regular price for Windows, Mac, and Linux is $14.99 and it has a 10% launch discount until June 11th.


Ninjustice is an action game in which you play a ninja defending the earth from aliens. It's a student project that won a competition run by Japanese technical college HAL and Playism. It's available now for Windows for only $2.99 via Playism's web site.


From the developer: "We like to think of [it] as an innovative mix of World of Tanks and Minecraft. It's all about designing robotic, fighting robots and launching them into battle with friends online." The developer is currently allowing registrations for people who want to play the alpha on Windows.


A stealth game for Android devices. The enemies that can catch you all throw off light and you must stay in the shadows as they move. You can use sound to distract them and/or get them to move where you want. Shadowess is free with in-app purchases.

A Song for Viggo

This game, currently being Kickstarted, is to be a point and click adventure game about a serious and downer sort of topic. Players will take on the role of Steve, who recently killed his own son in a parking lot accident and must fight off depression while planning his son's funeral and keeping up normal day to day life. All the visuals are being handcrafted from paper and piano music abounds. It's slated for PC and mobile if successfully funded.