Today's Trailer Roundup brings you a shoot 'em up that lets you take over enemy ships, a hidden picture game in which the object is to find the picture itself among the chaff, an RTS in which you mix human and alien DNA to make new units, a tactical/match-3 hybrid, an open world driving game Kickstarted by two 13 year-olds, a simple but difficult action puzzle game, a point-and-click adventure thriller based on real treasure hunting legend, an arcade game from a Japanese developer, an isometric arcade game which has roots in maze games of the past, and a super-hard platformer for Android.

Enemy Mind

A sidescrolling shoot 'em up in which you play a being of psychic energy that can take control of any enemy ship. Enemy Mind also supports up to 4 players in co-op. It was a Best in Play winner at GDC 2014 and is coming out of Steam Early Access on Friday. You can get it on Steam for $9.99 right now. (Windows only.)

Find the Line

There's very little information about Find the Line yet, but it looks like it will be an excellent all ages picture find, the likes of which is only possible in digital form.

Freaking Meatbags

Freaking Meatbags is a humorous RTS game available for Windows via Steam Early Access for $9.99. You play a robot charged with protecting some humans, and along the way you get to mix their DNA with alien DNA. The developer also says the game has a giant, trans-dimensional space squid.

Game of Legions

Game of Legions is a strategy match-3 game in which the location where you make your match is as important as the match-making itself. Give this trailer a watch and you'll see. It's free to play with in-app purchases and is already available for Android with an iOS version on its way.

Grand Theft Pizza Delivery

This game is already Kickstarted and it doesn't look like much, but Grand Theft Pizza Delivery is an open world driving game being developed by two 13 year-olds who were asking for only £300, mainly to cover licensing fees.


Hyphen is an action puzzle game with an extremely simple concept: get a rotating stick from point A to point B. It's brutally hard, though, requiring precise movement and timing to succeed. It can be purchased via for £3.99 (approx. $6.68 US) and is currently seeking votes on Greenlight.

The Mystery of Oak Island

The Mystery of Oak Island is a point and click adventure game with a story based on the real Oak Island, which has been the target of treasure hunting for a couple hundred years. It aims to be a thriller, and with a feature list including "three playable characters across multiple timelines" it sounds like it could be interesting. The game is intended for all PC operating systems, iOS, and Android, and is currently being Kickstarted.

Save Earth Co-op

First things first: that's "co-op" as in "a store where multiple small shops have banded together to rent a big, shared shop space", not as in multiplayer. This is a Japanese indie arcade game for Android (with a browser demo) in which you must rub the earth to build up static electricity and then fling that electricity at invading UFOs. The full version is $0.99.

Skyling: Garden Defense

Skyling: Garden Defense looks like a lot of fun. Step on the tiles without getting caught by any monsters; pick up monsters from behind and toss them at their comrades. It was inspired by classic arcade games such as Pac-Man and Q*Bert. The regular price is $2.99, but at time of this writing it is on sale for $1.99 on Windows, Ouya, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Splashy Slime Impossible Game

This one is a free, super-hard, one-button platformer for Android. The developer suggests that fans of games like Super Meat Boy will enjoy it.