Interstellar winds got you trapped in your biodome? Work up a fierce hunger mining moon rocks on the Io? Maybe you're just hungry, for like, no reason. Lucky for you, Jeddy's Pizzarian has you covered. They'll deliver pizza right to you, should you be located in Jupiter's moon grouping!

PIzzarian is a 2D SHMUP where the goal is to provide the cheesy, doughy goodness that is pizza to the denizens of the Jovian system. You'll take a mission, climb into that greasy-smelling cockpit, and head toward your delivery spots and shoot pizza at them. Using the "shooting" mechanic only to deliver a set number of pizzas is pretty nifty, allowing you to focus mostly on the piloting aspect.

A big part of the game is the need to successfully weave in and out of traffic, much like a real pizza delivery person would here on Earth. Close calls where you don't crash into other ships create sparks. Creating sparks around all four corners of these ships will grant you a "cool" rating -- the cooler you are, the more points you'll get at the end of the mission.

My only complaint is that, despite being built in XNA, Pizzarian does not have seem to have controller support. The keyboard controls function perfectly, I'm just rubbish with them. Otherwise, it's a neat little game that plays with SHMUP conventions in a goofy, yet creative way. It's $3 on Windows through the official site or Desura.