Food-based heroes are something of a rarity in gaming, though the few that exist are well-loved. Whether it's through the Chef tasked with tackling giant killer hot dogs in Burgertime, the waitress in Diner Dash or those lovable scamps in M.C. Kids, gamers have long since valued the tradition of mixing food with gaming. Bacon Man is the latest food-based action platformer, being made to order on Kickstarter.

This is the latest project from Boston-based Skymap Games, who are using food as a backdrop for the entire game, not just the titular character. Levels (like The Freezer) and the enemies that inhabit them (like The Pork King) will be inspired by the food groups, which opens the door for some uniquely themed (and potentially horrific) stages.

The team is citing classics like Earthworm Jim and Mega Man X in terms of the platforming, shooting and physics-based puzzles they're targeting. One animated preview GIF of the game shows Bacon Man himself comically flapping his arms to hover across a dangerous pit, which feels distinctly 90s in its lack of seriousness, so they seem to be on the right track.

Bacon Man is on Kickstarter now and Greenlight as well. Release is being set for December 2015 on Windows and Mac.