xibalba.pngXibalba is a first person shooter originally designed for the 7DFPS competition last year, but was only completed just recently and released online as a free browser game. It features six levels to play through, where players will get to face masked natives, alien creatures and tree monsters as they make their way to the final boss.

Besides the standard energy gun, you can also arm yourself with a shotgun and a rocket launcher once you've found their hiding spots somewhere in the labyrinth. Health is restored whenever you collect a first aid kit, while locked doors can only be opened using the correct colour-coded key. The sound production here is incredibly atmospheric, changing dynamically whenever you enter a new area or location. It's as if you can feel the cool breeze blowing through your hair in the lush jungles, or feel the heat radiating from a pool of lava as you walk by them.

Xibalba is available to play in your browser via this link, and if you own an iOS device you could download the free game from the App Store as well.