Coming Out Simulator 2014 is one of 19 games made for the recent Nar8 Jam. It's a fictionalized version of developer Nicky Case's own experience with coming out to his parents in 2010. It's designed to be like The Walking Dead, with all of the characters remembering the choices you make and it starts with you and an in-game version of Case having a conversation about the game itself.

Although made for browsers, the whole game plays in a screen that looks like a cell phone screen and all the speech bubbles are designed to look like the kind of bubbles common for texting apps on modern smartphones. It feels very appropriate for the game, significant portions of which are texted conversations.

It's Case himself who calls Coming Out Simulator 2014 "a half-true game about half-truths", but the title seems fitting. Although based on real events, the player is given multiple dialogue choices. It also has three endings, one of which is lies, one of which is a half-truth, and one of which is the true story. The half-true ending doesn't have much overlap with the true ending, which leaves the player wondering which half is true.

The game is available on Developer Nicky Case was also behind the Public Domain Jam and the Open Game Art Bundle.

[Nicky Case]