IndieGames ran a preview of Hypnotic Owl's puzzle dungeon crawler The Wizard back in April, and now the game is out. It plays pretty much the same now as it did then, though the developers have made a number of minor improvements which, when taken all together, do a lot to make for a better user experience.

In The Wizard, the player takes on the role of a wizard who is on a quest to retrieve his face from the thief that just stole it. Doing so requires a trek through the sewers below the wizard academy, which means making his way across rooms full of monsters that would love to eat what's left of him. It's turn based and not a procedural death labyrinth; the levels are designed to force the players to think about how best to approach the situations involved, which is where the puzzle element comes in.

Updates to the final version includes the following additions and improvements:
- Small display scale mode for better mobile support
- Scripted intro sequences to the levels
- Keyboard support
- Xbox controller support in Chrome
- Improved animations
- Improved performance
- An improved tutorial

The game is free and available on Hypnotic Owl's web site.

[The Wizard]