caveatm2a.pngIn the puzzle-based RPG The Cave of Atman, players have to level up their heroes by collecting auras from defeated enemies. A level is completed when all enemies are removed from the room, allowing you to progress and proceed to work on the next puzzle.

Each time an enemy is defeated, the aura will appear right behind them. Auras do stack to create stronger auras, and both friend and foe can also benefit from retrieving auras. There's very little room to move around in the latter stages, so you'll have to plan out your actions carefully to avoid making your enemies far too strong to beat by accident.

Some characters like the mage or archer can execute ranged attacks, while knights are only able to strike at adversaries that are adjacent to them. Regardless of which character class they belong to, all of them can only move and strike once per level. If you've made a mistake, you can always resort to using the retry button and reset the room for another try.

The Cave of Atman is playable at, Newgrounds and Game Jolt.