highwayt.pngHighway of Tears is a 2D adventure game with a story based on a series of real missing person cases, all which happened along a stretch of highway in British Columbia, Canada. Inspired by games like Kentucky Route Zero and Detective Grimoire, Tim has spent four weeks on designing, programming, and drawing everything to be found in the short demo that's available now for download.

You play as Sofia, a documentary maker who is investigating the disappearances, and together with her cameraman Caleb they must search for clues that will shed light on the mysterious happenings in and around the town of Augier's Peak. Much of your time will be spent on talking to people, asking them about their stories, and hopefully uncover some information which will bring you closer to solving the mystery. Sofia carries a dossier with her for writing down notes about the people and places she has been to, and everytime you learn something new it'll be transcribed into the dossier for your reference later on.

The short demo for Highway of Tears is available to download from here.