We covered Dynetzzle as a browser pick earlier this year. It's a simple puzzle concept, taking six-sided dice, flattening them out, and asking players to fill in blanks so that each die has a correct layout. As the game goes along, the player is asked to fill in more and more complicated sets of overlapping "die nets", as they're called. Developer Vishnu Vadakke Pariyarath has just released an extended version for Windows and it only costs $1.

The extended version has 25 puzzles instead of 10. Later puzzles are now so complex that they had to be broken into chunks to prevent excessive overlap, as seen above. In addition, players can now use number keys to fill in the squares instead of having to wear out their wrists clicking over and over again. The background music has also been changed to atmospheric sound which is great to think to.

It's available for Windows for $1 via a Humble Widget on the developer's web site. It is not colorblind friendly; each dice net is delineated by a different color.

[Dynetzzle Extended]