This little game from Ludofy Creative Mobile is a clever and unique strategy game for two players (or one player and a computer). Upon starting a new game, the players are presented with a board that has a three by three grid of nodes with semi-randomized numbers on them and is given a hand of dominoes with which to start trying to take over the nodes.

The picture above shows two different matches, the left one halfway finished and the right one being over. The game is pretty simple, mechanically, though it's a bit hard to explain. Grey nodes are uncaptured; colored nodes have been captured by the player of that color. Capturing a node gets the player all the points for that node, and getting three nodes in a row scores extra points at the end of the game that can tip the balance.

To capture nodes, a player must place dominoes around them. To place a domino next to a node, the number of pips (dots) on the end of the domino facing the node must be lower than the points the node is worth. If there is another domino in the adjacent domino space, then the end of the domino to be placed which faces the adjacent domino must also match the adjacent domino exactly. Once a point node has been completely surrounded by dominoes (or the game ends because no more dominoes can be placed), the player with the most domino pips facing the node claims the points. Ties are broken by the number of pips on the end of the dominoes facing away from the node.

It's a lot simpler to understand upon picking the game up to try it, especially since Dominaedro clearly marks legal domino placements (as seen on the left-hand board above). Dominaedro is a free universal iOS app, so it's worth picking it up to try. There's an AI to play against, though it only has one level of difficulty and many players will want a human opponent once they get the hang of the game. There are a lot of color schemes available in the options menu including multiple monotone varieties, so it should be accessible for all kinds of colorblindness.