Croatian developers Vatigo and Bitserum put their heads together for the recent Game Maker 2014 contest and the result of their efforts was Cloudfall. In it, the player is a cloud who must float around, exploring the environment and solving puzzles with no hints beyond explanations about the controls.

The player's cloud starts by a monument which is surrounded by four smaller monuments with elemental markings, all of which has its own small, floating island. Moving around, the player quickly finds other floating islands with a number of things to interact with. The cloud can dip into a pool of water, soak it up, float to another spot, and drop the water to make a flower bloom, for example. There are caves to find and explore in the name of finding out more about the setting and figuring what to do about the monuments shown at the start of the game.

It's a neat little game with pleasant yet mysterious music and tricky puzzles. People who like games that require them to explore, observe, and think hard about overcoming obstacles should give it a try. Those without the patience for that kind of game will likely tire of Cloudfall quickly. It can be played in a browser (Unity) or downloaded for Windows.