The Cow Flew Over the Moon was developed over the course of the last six months as a student project by Jonny Pickton. It's a first-person game with no shooting. Instead, it delivers an atmospheric experience with some puzzles and evokes some of the surreal, creepy feelings dreams and the dark can bring.

There isn't much story to the game. It's really just a chain of dreamlike scenes. Movement is slow, mouse sensitivity is high, and most of the environment is plain white. The latter of those three things is used to good effect, creating a plain canvas that allows the bits of color to draw the eye to important things on purpose.

It's free on GameJolt to play in the browser (requires Unity Web Player) or download for Mac or Windows. To get the best benefit of the atmospheric sound and visuals, I recommend downloading so you can play in fullscreen and using headphones.

[Jonny Pickton]